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Call Blocking

Call blocking is a feature in VoiParrot that prevents your telephone from ringing based on the caller’s Phone Number and/or CallerId.  The Phone Number and CallerId can be defined with a literal (9733289036), wildcards (973328*, 973328????), or regular expressions ([973328/d+]).  Most phone companies offer literal phone number blocking and some offer callerid blocking but non offer regular expressions.  So in cases in which a Spam caller uses the same area code and prefix but varies the last 4 digits is either tough to block or impossible with phone company features.  When your called and you discover it is Spam by, either by answering the phone or recognizing the callerid or phone number, you can simply right click on the phone number entry and select Block from the popup menu.  The blocking feature in VoiParrot is free so I hope you download VoiParrot soon and enjoy not being disturbed by undesirable phone interruptions.

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