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Requires Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, & Windows XP
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Call Blocking

Call blocking based on the caller’s Phone Number and/or CallerId is one of the extensive features in VoiParrot that selectively prevents your telephone from ringing.   Most phone companies offer only a single phone number blocking per line and some offer CallerId blocking but none offer VoiParrot's extensive categories or classes of call blocking.  So, when a Spam caller uses the same area code and prefix but varies the last 4 digits, it is either tough or impossible to block all of those with the limited phone company features.   With VoiParrot your options are extensive and variations of Phone Numbers and CallerIds can be blocked with a single literal (e.g., 9733289036), with one wildcard ( e.g., 973328* or 973328????), or with one regular expression ( e.g., 973328\d+).  When you discover a caller is Spam, VoiParrot enables you to simply right click on the phone number, select one of the numerous Block options in the drop down menu, and then further expand the details of that Block option to achieve extensive call blocking.  VoiParrot's call blocking features are free so I hope you download VoiParrot soon and enjoy eliminating undesirable phone interruptions. Additional and more extensive VoiParrot features are available with a VoiParrot subscription.

VoiParrotPreInstaller.exe Download  Free Version  Of VoiParrot (Version 4.113) VoiParrotPreInstaller.exe View Version Changes After installation you might have to change the settings of your Firewall and Anti-Virus to allow VoiParrot.exe to execute